2 November 2020

To prepare a good MOKA it is not enough to put it back on the stove and wait for the drink to come out, some important steps must be followed to obtain a quality drink.

First of all, the main component, the coffee, must be ground a few minutes before being inserted into the filter (after only 15 minutes that the coffee is ground it loses 60% of its aromatic properties).

Water is essential, it represents more than 90% of the drink, therefore it is necessary to use water with certain characteristics, bottled water with a lower fixed residue is the solution.

The coffee must be distributed in the filter avoiding forming mounds, it is important to level the coffee well so that it is regular, attention must not be absolutely pressed.

Pre-heat the water and place it in the already hot boiler, to prevent the coffee from burning.

The flame must never exceed the circumference of the moka.

We advise you to introduce 11 grams of coffee for every 100 grams of water.

Always leave the door open and when the coffee comes out, observe the color, as soon as it starts to become lighter, immediately turn off the stove.