COSMAI ACADEMY is a tool that we have designed for all professionals in the sector. Through training, indispensable nowadays, the bartender becomes a professional able to offer a high quality service, thus increasing the satisfaction of his customers, winking also at the turnover.


Good barista is the one who is able to transform coffee beans in the best way, he knows all the working techniques he will have to follow in order to obtain a quality product in the cup, his role is fundamental to improve the quality and professionalism of the service offered.

  • Working method at the coffee machine
  • How to extract a perfect espresso
  • Maintenance and cleaning of equipment
  • Perfect milk frothing
  • Drinks from the cafeteria


A true professional is an expert connoisseur of the raw material coffee, able to select the perfect grind thus obtaining the perfect cup, organizes his work plan by optimizing and facilitating the service methods.

  • What is coffee, everything the barista must know
  • What is the grinding and how to adjust a grinder machine
  • Workplace management and professional service method
  • The world of milk
  • Pouring and starting techniques for Latte art


Latte art is an evolution of the cafeteria with which you can serve extremely beautiful cappuccinos, in the social era where every moment is shared and made public you have an excellent weapon of attraction and communication.

  • Constant vortex milk frothing
  • Adequate tools and equipment
  • Separation of the milk
  • Milk pouring techniques
  • The 3 basic figures of Latte art (heart, rosetta, tulip)
  • Etching technique and use of toping


The evolution of the market requires to build the best strategy to present oneself better and increase receipts, image, communication must be studied in detail and transmit the right message to the consumer.

  • Marketing, communication to increase sales
  • Creation of a winning menu
  • Visual of the sales counter
  • Body language
  • Communication with guests
  • The right words
  • Social networks



The menu is the business card of your coffee-shop, but also the means by which to determine your earn, by applying the right strategies you can achieve a 10-15% increase in sales, together we will build the menu suitable for your coffee shop.

Price to be determined

  • The menu layout according to your format
  • The menu board tailor made
  • Study of alternative drinks from the cafeteria
  • 5 o’clock tea, which to use, how to prepare it and how to serve it
  • What price to apply
  • Graphic development of the menu